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The Kingdom Of Lei Chen. - Page 1 - The Kingdom Of Lei Chen. - By reptilemk5 - Overview
You are now in the slowly decaying empire of Lei Chen, Serpent Utopia when translated. Before you is the road to the Capital, High City Lei Chen, the seat of power for eons. The throne has been without heir for far too long. The immortal queen has not been seen for years and no heir to the royal bloodline remains. You must earn the right to sit the throne by possessing the sword wielded by High Lord Reptile, The Wrath Of Crisis, sealed away upon his death so none may wield it. To get the blade, you need the 6 serpentine staffs of the elements. The staff of fire is in Pyro Terra, a Volcanic region. The staff of water is in a reef somewhere in Aqua Terra, the global ocean. The staff of air is in Ventus Terra, a region of floating chunks of land, high above the sea. The staff of earth is deep in the caverns of Sub-Terra, a network of caverns and mountains. The staff of darkness is in Terra Nova, the swamps that surround the capital. The staff is in Pro-Flora Terra, a massive woodland. Now begins your quest. Go to the capital to get equipment and supplies, and strategize how you'll defeat the giantesses, claim the sceptres, take the sword, and become the next monarch.
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