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This Erotic World of Mine - Page 1 - This Erotic World of Mine - By mikkr1 - Overview
You wake up feeling great. A rarity, so you think you must've had sex last night.

A bit of backstory on the characters:

Oscar: YOU! The most ordinary person on this earth, rare, I know. 19 years old. Usually the pred, unwilling prey.

Stacy: Your eldest sister, 21 years old, light skin and extremely big. Giantess levels big. She usually ignores you, but only because she's too big to see you. You have a slight affection towards her, but you never tell anyone because you're afraid of what she'd think about you. Usually the pred.

Sarah: Your younger sister, 18 years old, darker skin and a little bit smaller than your big sister. She's got a huge crush on you, but never told you because she, too, is afraid of what would happen if she did. Usually pred.

Minney: Your older mom, light skin, 33 years old, got a penis and some big boobs. Usually pred.

Samantha: Your younger mom, dark skin, 30 years old, got a penis but smaller breasts. Usually prey.

Dory: Your GF, she's an alien, 17 years old, blue skin and huge breasts. Loves being prey.

Katie: Your BFF, she's an alien too, same species as Dory, lighter skin, 20 years old. Secret crush on your sister, Sarah. Loves being pred or prey.

RULES: No hard vore. Only rule. Digestion is alright, anything goes, just no hard vore.
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