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The Great Escape - Page 22 - I was gifted to the zoo by my previous owner - By TeoSkrn - Overview
What's cuter than a little eevee with a nice little ribbon as a gift?
Probably nothing. The point is, you have been gifted to a guy who was terribly sad all the time.
You brightened his every day after that one. You were both happy, he petted you, played with you, gave you food. Until the owner of the house where your friend and owner lived decided that he didn't want pokemon in her house. So you had to leave.
You wouldn't survive a single day in the wilderness, so he gifted you to the zoo.
He asked for you to be treated well. But after they assured him that you would be fine... The hell started for you.
This event makes you trust more the others, as you trust humans outside the zoo. But the pain they delivered you in the zoo has been accentuated by the love you felt for your owner.
Add 2 to your Physical resistance, and remove one from your Mental resistance.
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