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The Great Escape - Page 39 - Making fun of everyone, including yourself - By TeoSkrn - Overview
Your friends at first thought that self-irony was just stupid and pointless, but soon after you started making fun of everyone, for every mistake and character flaw, they changed their minds.
Each evening your fellow eeveelutions gathered around you to hear your jokes about the others and yourself. You became a star for everyone in the enclosure, and the evening became a moment of relaxation for everyone.
This made you extremely appreciated, and now you can also afford to say whatever you think because they think you are joking. Increase your relationship with everyone by 3. For three times you will be able to ignore a relationship decrease. If it would decrease more than one eeveelution's relationship you still use only one chance. Doesn't work on anything else than an eeveelution. If you would lose relationship with eeveelutions and other creatures, the loss will be prevented only for eeveelutions and use a chance.
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