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The Great Escape - Page 40 - Let him sleep there - By TeoSkrn - Overview
You smile to him and cheerfully say _"Sure. You can have this spot for yourself, the zoo opens soon and I need to get ready... Maybe this time I can get a bonus for being nice".
Hemlock makes a sleepy and confused face and asks:"Do you actually believe them when they tell you that you can get bonuses if you are nice and don't cause any trouble?"
"Not really, but I still want to try."

Another yawn escapes Hemlock's mouth, so you get out of your comfy place to let him sleep nicely during the day.
You reach the others, already awake and alert.
They greet you kindly and make sure everyone is ok before the humans get in the enclosure for the inspection.
If anyone has even a tuft of fur out of place, he would be beaten very hard and scolded before being hastily fixed to be still good looking for the visitors.
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