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Lost on an island - Page 8 - Wander deeper into the trees - By abradolflincler - Overview
You head deeper into the thick forest,almost blinded by the darkness. There is only silence,broken by the sound of crunching leaves under your feet. Without warning you trip over a fallen branch,falling forward. Before you can get to your feet the branch coils around your legs. You actually had tripped over a large python hidden in the undergrowth, helping it find an easy meal. You scream and try to escape from its constricting grasp. The python continued to wrap its coils around your athletic body. It began rolling and battering you around, knocking the wind out of your lungs. The louder you screamed and the harder you struggled the tighter it coiled around your body. As you fight you vision begins to darken as you begin to lose consciousness. Suddenly the coils loosen a bit and you gasp for air. You begin to struggle but stop as soon as the snakes rippling muscles start to constrict again till you go limp. A slimy feeling engulfed your feet as it began to swallow you alive. You've been dominated all your life so submitting was second nature to you. You couldn't stand up to your co workers or the strangers who used you at clubs, let alone a gigantic snake. It released its coils and focused solely on swallowing your toned thighs, if there was ever a time to escape it would be now.
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