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Lost on an island - Page 9 - Give up - By abradolflincler - Overview
You've been dominated all your life and today was no different, you are nothing more than what others want you to be, and this snake wanted you to be food. Feeling inferior, you obey. Tears roll down your face as you lay submissively, watching the snake have its way with you, your meaty waist gracefully slide down its throat. Its smaller teeth grazing your toned thighs without breaking the skin as if only to grip you more securely. You fear getting hurt again so you don't struggle, and play dead Its lips began to reach your exposed midsection, warm saliva coating your stomach. You give in to the dominant predator who had just began swallowing the base of your ribs, by untying your bikini top and tossing it into the bushes. You weakly but with no real attempt to escape until the snakes jaws engulfed your breasts and began pushing your arms up above your head. With no other choice you just lay there submissively, until you are slurped down the snakes throat and plunged into darkness. You slide down further until you reach its stomach, there digestive juices were secreted all over your body
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