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Lost on an island - Page 9 - Give up - By abradolflincler - Overview
You've been dominated all your life and today was no different, you are nothing more than what others want you to be, and this snake wanted you to be food. Feeling inferior, you obey. Tears roll down your face as you lay submissively, watching the snake have its way with you, your meaty waist gracefully slide down its throat. Its smaller teeth grazing your toned thighs without breaking the skin as if only to grip you more securely. You fear getting hurt again so you lay paralyzed with fear. Its lips began to reach your exposed midsection, warm saliva coating your stomach. The snake seemed to enjoy your taste and the feeling of swallowing live prey. "Please don't eat me you" you pleaded softly but the snake just ignored your and continued pulling you down its throat. As it swallow your lower ribs, the string of your bikini got caught on some twigs and was pulled, the bikini slipped off leaving you naked. You open your mouth to complain once more but the snake slides over your breasts and began pushing your arms up above your head, until you are slurped down the snakes throat and plunged into darkness.

You are pulled further until you reach its stomach, you feel a gentle swaying motion as the predator slitters off to its den. Before long you start to feel a tingly sensation all over your skin. You come to the horrible realization that stomach acid is beginning to coat your nude body. You sob and start squirming and struggling. It was a tight fit in the stomach and your arms were still pinned above your head uselessly. Its powerful muscles started kneading your body as your skin is slowly being dissolved. Before long the snake arrives in its den, your petite body visibly stretching the snakes body as you struggled in its stomach. Slowly the snake starts to coil its body in its nest, forcing you to bend in a painful position. The pain of being contorted by force causes you give up and stop squirming. Tears roll down your face as you realize your fate is nothing more than to please a snake that would enjoy nothing more than to churn your soft and weak body into nutrients.

After a few hours you have no more tears left. You've come to terms that there's no way out. Soon you'll be part of the snake. The acids dissolved away your cheap swimwear leaving you completely exposed. You sigh submissively as the acids eats away at your skin. Most predators would kill their prey before eating them but this particular snake found joy in letting you feel every agonizing minute. It wasn't long until the stomach had completely filled with a thick goo, submerging you completely. Instinctively you hold your breath but after a few moments you pass out and swallow its digestive enzymes that make their way into your stomach and lungs, dissolving your body from the inside too.

A week later all your flesh had dissolved into creamy nutrients for the snake to absorb.
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