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Voretale (Undertale AU) - Page 1 - Once Upon A Time - By Thor11 - Overview
Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters. Both races feasted upon the creatures of Earth. One day, humans, afraid of the Monsters magical abilities and wanting to have the creatures of earth to devour all by themselves, declare war on the Monsters. After a Long Battle, the Humans were victorious. They sealed the Monsters Underground with a magic spell. The Humans then had Earth to themselves and feasted upon it and often upon each other.

Many years later... at Mt.Ebott 201X a human whose parents were eaten by bandits climbed the mountain. Legends say those who climb the mountain meet a terrible fate and are never heard from again. The Child Climbed up the mountain and peered into the massive hole in it. Just as she was about to leave her foot catches upon a vine and she falls all the way down into a World of hungry Monsters.

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