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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 1 - The Start of it all... - By Flame14 - Overview
Fourteen year old Hinata Hyuga was bored and a bit depressed. She had been hoping to gain Naruto’s notice and possibly romantic interests by becoming a strong kunoichi. So far she hadn’t been having much luck. She blamed herself for being so shy and unable to get close to him without fainting. This is why she had entered the Hyuga clan’s library of scrolls. She was looking to find something that would let her finally get Naruto’s attention. There was only one problem. She couldn’t find anything in any of these scrolls that she could do and have it be great enough to get Naruto’s attention.

Turning to look out the window, Hinata saw that she had wasted most of her day inside the library. Sighing in defeat she rose and began putting scrolls back where they belonged. Just as she put the last scroll away in the far back she noticed something. A scroll. Its parchment held a yellow tone to it showing just how old it was. Intrigued by the sight of such an old scroll here in her clan library she gently picked it up. Being extra careful in how she handled the scroll, as she didn’t want it to be destroyed, she carefully pealed it open. The moment she did however, she was hit in the face by a cloud of white smoke. Coughing, Hinata dropped the scroll and tried to put some distance between her and it. She didn’t want to set off anymore traps in it if she could. As she moved away however she was hit by a sudden sensation of vertigo. The room; no, the very world itself felt like it was spinning in a manner that wasn’t normal. It thankfully didn’t last long as darkness soon consumed her vision.


Hinata groaned as she slowly awoke, the realm of sleep not releasing her easily. Getting herself into a sitting position she tried to take stock of her condition. Her head hurt and was pounding, looking she saw that she hit her head when she blacked out. Other than that she felt fine. Looking for the scroll she realized that she couldn’t find it, even with the aid of her Byakugan.

Sighing in defeat she took a moment to see if anything seemed out of place with herself as well as the room. She saw nothing wrong but, had this nagging feeling that the scroll had done something to her. What that something was however she could not place. Deciding it best to simply try and forget about the scroll and the nagging feeling she was having Hinata left the library. There were still things she wanted to do today and if time permitted she would find Naruto and watch him for a bit.

The next morning…
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