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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 2 - Vore Options - By Flame14 - Overview
The scroll has affected Hinata in a manner that causes intense hunger for live meals. A need to feel the food squirming and struggling as it slides into her body. There are however different options on how she will go about it, though this doesn't mean that you need to stick to only one method of vore.

Option 1: Vore
This option refers to the standard oral vore. Soft vore is preferred but, you can touch upon the harder/gory vore on occasion. Scenes of Digestion and the occasional scat scenes are allowed; the former being highly encouraged. Note that Hinata will gain some weight with her meals but, if she works hard enough it won’t hang around for too long.

Option 2: Anal vore
Hinata uses her ass/butt to pull her intended victim into her body. Victim suffers through traveling up Hinata’s intestines as they are feel they are being crushed. Victim enters stomach and is slowly digested. Being the area of origin, Hinata will find more fat gathers on her butt and hips with this method. Note you can have Hinata able to walk around while her meals are in her intestines but, they will likely produce a visible bulge.

Option 3: Breast/nipple vore
Hinata can pull her meal into her body through the chest. There are two ways for this. First is Nipple vore which involves taking her meals in through the nipple of her breast. This method will trap her victim inside the breast allowing them to struggle. The breast will eventually digest the person causing Hinata’s breast size to go up a bit but, most will be turned into breast milk. Breast milk produced like this is highly addicting. Hinata will however need to milk herself before she can do this again.

The second option involves taking her victim strait through the breast and turning them completely into breast fat. This option involves the greatest amount of Breast size gain age.

If your having problems visualizing what I mean for the Breast vore then just follow look over this stories path and you will see both the Nipple and breast vore that I am thinking of in action.

Option 4: Absorption
I think this one is pretty obvious. Hinata can pull other people into her body, preferably through the skin, and absorb them. Hinata can choose some of the traits that she can take from people or she can choose to simply use their mass to increase parts of her body. This includes muscle mass, height, breast size and anything else she may want to add to.

Option 5: Hinata is the meal!
For this one I think the option itself explains it all but, I give some details anyway. For this option the scroll has placed a curse on Hinata making her seem irresistibly delicious and causes many around her to start looking at her as if she was just a meal to be eaten. The curse doesn't end there though. It also acts as a form of space-time jutsu. Basically, once Hinata is eaten she will be digested just like any piece of meat that enters a stomach. However, Hinata will awaken back in her bed as if the day never happened. This means that Hinata will be going through the same day over and over again until she can finish the day without getting digested. This means that Hinata must go through each day, trying to avoid being eaten and digested. However, every time she is eaten she will awaken and need to start that day over again.

Ex. Hinata awakens Monday morning and goes through the whole day without being eaten. Hinata awakens Tuesday and is promptly eaten by her little sister Hanabi for breakfast. Hanabi goes through the day digesting Hinata. Hinata suddenly awakens in her bed on Tuesday morning and must repeat this day until she can avoid being eaten. Hinata gets eaten two more times. Hinata awakens on Tuesday morning and must repeat. Hinata manages to avoid being eaten and falls asleep. Hinata now will awaken on Wednesday morning.
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