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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 35 - Rules!!! - By Flame14 - Overview
Okay, in this story things focus on Hinata Hyuga from the Naruto series. While looking for something new to impress Naruto with, Hinata finds an old scroll. Curious as to what is in the scroll she opens it only for a burst of smoke to hit her face once she does. Blackness takes her as she falls unconscious. Upon awakening she finds the scroll missing and her body feeling a bit off, though she can’t place her finger on why.

This is where you come in. Now I’m willing to be a bit lenient on some of the rules but, don’t push it. This story will be taking place before the time skip, (I plan on making a separate story taking place after the time skip if this story does well). So, before Naruto leaves for his training trip and all the Rookie 9 are 14 at oldest. (I’m going under the idea that laws in this type of world set different standards for ninja. Old enough to kill, old enough to drink and have sex.)

1.Character death is allowed but, please don’t go killing everyone in just a few chapters. Try to keep Hinata alive or make the curse revive her somehow if you plan to kill her off. Otherwise you could have her consciousness remain active in some way. For vore fans, you could have Hinata become conscious/sentient fat on whatever girl ate her, or have her soul trapped or bound to her eater.

2.Make sure your chapter has two possibilities (unless you’re writing an end chapter or one that couldn’t fit on the page with the last chapter). If you can’t think of another possible choice then add “Something else” or “Readers choice”.

3.Please try to keep your grammar decent- I'm not a grammar nazi but, any chapter with horrendous grammar will most likely be deleted. I may edited it however if I find it salvageable.

4.Fetishes are allowed however, I will not tolerate the following: Toilet slavery, excessive amounts of blood, Rape, racial slurs, detailed M/M (yaoi/Male-on-Male) chapters, Mpreg (male pregnancy), Eating shit/poop, Loss of bowl and/or bladder control, Stink fetish

5.Encouraged fetishes include: Pregnancy, Unbirth, Vore (and all forms of it unless stated otherwise), Digestion after said vore is encouraged, Breast Expansion (BE), Butt Expansion, Hourglass Expansion, Extreme Horniness (Easily aroused and wanting sex), Permanent arousal (Hinata is in a state of constant arousal), Permanent Nakedness, Yuri (Girl-on-Girl), Futanari (both natural and transformed into), Shrinking, and Sex, Gender Bender (from boys to girls only)

Note that Hinata is the main focus of this story as such most things listed above will need to involve her in some manner, but it doesn’t have to be directly her that it affects. Example Extreme Horniness could actually be the other females all wanting sex with Hinata, rather then just Hinata being easily aroused. (Hinata becoming a Futanari is the only way I will allow someone to go into detail of sex with males while both parties have dicks.)

6.If I missed any fetish in the above two then it normally means I can go either way about it.

7.Chapters must have more than two lines of text; I will delete those that don't. (Minus chapters where you're choosing between something of course). Preferably try to at least make each chapter a decent sized paragraph!

8.Pairings are encouraged but not required, but NaruHina is heavily encouraged. If not NaruHina, then I heavily encourage Yuri pairings for Hinata with Hanabi/Hinata getting my favored approval.

9.Try to keep some logic in your writing or at least try to explain why something happens the way it does. (Ex: After feasting for days without stop, Sakura found herself having gained nearly a thousand pounds worth of fat. Despite this, channeling a little chakra to her legs allowed her to stand and move around. [While not the best example it gets the point across])

Just follow these rules and I will likely leave your stuff alone.
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