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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 37 - More Curse Options - By Flame14 - Overview
This is a choice chapter. I'll list a few Ideas and you guys take it from there.

The choices involve:

-Hinata finds herself in a state of constant arousal. Can she control herself and her new sexual urges?

-The curse takes shape as a functional dick. How will this new appendage and the desires that come with it affect Hinata's life?

-The world suddenly seems a lot bigger then before.

-Everything seems so much smaller from up here!

-Hinata suddenly wants sex with other girls. (You can have Hinata jump her little sister for all I care just keep it to girls.)

-Hinata feels a strange emptyness inside her that can only be filled by putting another person inside her.

-Hinata's womb is filled with new life!
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