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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 4 - Hinata is on the Menu! - By Flame14 - Overview
So who are the ones trying to make a meal out of Hinata? Mind that no one sees Hinata being eaten alive and digested as odd. To everyone else, Hinata being eaten seem like a normal everyday thing to them.

For example: Kurenai Yuhi, Hinata's teacher, arrived to the training grounds to find only Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Akamaru. Looking around for Hinata she spots the obviously huge stomach that Akamaru has. Turning to the boys Kurenai points towards Akamaru’s stomach and asks, “Hinata?” The boys both nod and continue to ignore the frantic struggles Hinata is making inside the puppy as said puppy slowly digests her. Kurenai shrugs only regretting that she now couldn’t eat the tasty young Hyuga herself.
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