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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 62 - Goes to the bath. - By Ghastly - Overview
Hinata took her shirt and bra off and walked over to her closet. Might as well be naked to mess with Hanabi if she was going to be a tease. Hinata closed her now empty stash "I'll have to buy more for that...I'm glad Naruto-kun made his end in me" hinata thought. "I should be prim and proper for this date because if I can fluster Hanabi but not making good on her promise that'd be the best" Hinata smiled at the thought. She grabbed her blue ceremonial dress and ribbon from her closet. then folded them over her arm and walked over to the bath.

The warm water felt nice it was always heated. she grabbed the soap bar and cleaned herself first her back, then her face and breasts, her pits and stomach...then legs and last her snatch. she started behind and came forward the soap slipped inside her nethers on accident. Hinata doubled forward from the sudden surge of pleasure. "oh damn it I guess I need to be more" Hinata reached up into her privates, and couldn't feel it. She sighed "damn" she swore under her breath. "now I need to get more soap too"

Hinata continued bathing shampooing her hair and then drying it off with a towel and braiding it before folding it up.

"Hanabi, How much longer do I have?" Hinata shouted out of the bath.

"She's already here hurry up!" Hanabi shouted back

"Hi Hina!" Ino's voice echoed down the hall

"Hey Ino, I'll be out in a few minutes just need to finish getting dressed" Hinata shouted back

"You could just come out...I already know what's there!" Ino teased

"Not by choice!" Hinata shouted out realizing she forgot underwear..."so much for prim and proper" she thought.

Hinata finished getting dressed and came out to see...
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