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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 63 - Ino and Hanabi sitting near the Zen garden - By Ghastly - Overview
Ino looked up to see Hinata. She smiled somberly...She looked like she'd been crying recently but wore makeup to hide it.

Hanabi reached over and rubbed Ino's back sensing her friend's saddness.

Hinata then realized what Hanabi meant by "rebound date"
"When did it happen?" Hinata blurted out.

"Sorry...What do you mean?" Ino asked.

"About you and Sai."

"Oh it's just Sai...I got a note from kakashi...not sure how he even knew about us..." Ino's eyes started welling up. "I'm sorry...I don't want to talk about it. I just want to have some fun..."

Hanabi gave Hinata a death stare and mouthed the words "dead drop it"

Hinata eyes bulged realizing she miss read what had happened. regaining her composure "I'm sorry what do you want to do tonight?"
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