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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 66 - "I'm here for you and Hanabi" Ino Said - By Ghastly - Overview
"So we should skip dinner and go into the master...If I am not misunderstanding what you mean..." Hinata said unassured. "I came into this with no intention of fucking her but she really needs a win and something unstressful like sex without commitment..." hinata thought.

"You do understand this time...I just want to have some fun to get my mind off it. If you two don't get my mind off it then nothing will..."Ino sighed and stood up"why did he need to be a hero now of all times" Ino said under her breath.

"come on it's this way." Hanabi said acting bubbly and taking Ino by the hand. She knew that she had to be happy to help get Ino out of her funk...Also she hadn’t given up on Her ulterior motives and making the energy be higher would help.

Hinata walked a bit behind Hanabi and Ino thinking to herself. “I’m just falling into Hanabi’s hands, she set me up to bumble into Sai’s death...and I’d be forced to have pity sex out of guilt even though. She Must have known I would decide against it to get back at her for stopping...I’m giving Hanabi too much credit. She’s manipulative, a tease she’s definitely set me up. I should just go along with it because she doesn’t have any real ill will she just wants me she knew I meant no on that one...”. Hinata’s thoughts were cut off as she kept walking and bumped into Ino who suddenly stopped...
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