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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 68 - Upon reaction to the room. - By Ghastly - Overview
Hanabi had gone all out setting up the room. Incense around the room, flowers on the bed, everything you could imagine for a romantic night was in the room...Their parents room...”How does she get away with this crap, when did she have time for this, how long was I out...”. Hinata’s thoughts were cut off this time by Ino grabbing her hand and tugging her over to the bed. She pulled so that Hinata was in front of her back to the bed.

“Hanabi was right I need this” Ino said and then pushed Hinata on to the bed. Hanabi was standing back letting Ino set the pace with Hinata. Ino then standing over undid her shit. “Do you mind if I go quickly?” Hinata didn’t have much time to respond before Ino jumped on her and began kissing her. Ino’s hands went to Hinata’s back and undid the knot holding her dress up at the back. All the while kissing passionately. Nibbling on her lip. Hinata’s dress slipped down over her. Ino pulled it off her as she broke the kiss.

“Oh you were very ready for under garments you dirty girl I was told you would be hard to I always thought you would be too”. Ino chided. Ino then rolled off hinata and motioned for Hanabi to join in. She rolled back ontop of Hinata before lowering herself to the breasts. She suckled a bit on them playing with the nipple with Hinata’s nipples. The warmth Hinata felt intensified and she couldn’t really keep up with it. Her hands reached down to her own nethers and played with it.

Ino noticed “Oh there’s no need for that when I’m here.” Ino grabbed Hinata’s wrist and pulled her hand to her own nethers. Hinata realized her own mistake and started playing with Ino. The two’s hands explored eachother’s sex and they started kissing again. Hanabi undressed and joined in. Playing with both women’s back laying next to them. After feeling cold and out of the fun Hanabi pushed Ino off Hinata and climbed over her sister to be on top of Ino. “My turn. Hey hinata go to my room and behind the clothes in the closet there’s a fake back. My stash is back there. Be a dear and grab what you find...”

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