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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 69 - Agreed - By Ghastly - Overview
Hinata wanted to protest but the memory and desire to be filled came to the back of her mind. She wanted to get all of them and then a bit more. Hinata got up and left the others to their fun. She walked out of the room leaving the door open. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a few fruits in a bowl and some boxes to carry things in. She had some squash, cucumbers, carrots, and as a joke a watermelon.

Hinata went over to Hanabi’s room and there was a false back she didn’t know about in Hanabi’s closet. It was full of toys big and small about 10 in total, and weirdly enough a doll. She then put all of it including the doll into the box. And carried it back to the master bedroom.

She found Hanabi and Ino in full on 69 and going at it when she coughed to make herself known. Ino’s head was closer looked up at the box. “Oh goodie, more distractions what all do we have here” as Ino slid off the bed into a standing position. “Let’s see these seem fun...Though I hope you two are looser than me because most of this won’t fit. “.

Hinata showed her the dildos from her sisters stash handing ino a smaller one. “And the big one is for me” Hinata said holding up the water melon. Ino laughed she grabbed a 2’ one and spanked hinata lightly with it. “If you want the big one I’d love to see how much you can take”

Hanabi Smiled devilishly knowing where it was going. She stayed laying on the bed and exclaimed “Oh you have no idea.”

Ino looked at her the thought crossing her mind. “Well how about we get an idea.” Ino grabbed Hinata and flipped her onto the bed. Hinata landed hard knowing she was about to get what she really wanted.

Ino picked up the box and set it on the bed. “First lets start off with the big one”. She took the phallic object and pressed the head against Hinata’s sex. The end slipped in easily. “Do you mind if I go quickly”. Ino repeated her line from earlier in the night as she slid the 2’ dick shaped toy into her. Hinata just about lost it. She grabbed ino’s hand and...
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