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Hinata Hyuga's Curse - Page 71 - Shoved it into her pussy - By Ghastly - Overview
Hinata shoved Ino’s hand into her. “A 2 foot dick and you still have room for my hand...let’s see how much more you can take” Ino not realizing the danger she was in. Started sliding her arm into Hinata. Hinata moaned and came. She let Ino push more and more of her arm in. First her wrist, then her elbow all slid in with no resistance. A deep bulge appeared on Hinata’s abdomin. Ino shook the dildo around inside. “Look at that it’s moving.” Hinata just moaned and tapped on ino the tell her to keep going. Ino complied. Soon her entire arm up to the shoulder was inside hinata.

Hanabi was just rubbing herself and breathing heavily throughout this entire experience.

Ino started pulling her arm out “ well that’s enough let’s see if we can get more in you since that’s as far as I can go.” Hinata without words just thrusted her hips at ino, grabbed ino’s head and started pushing it towards her vagina. It was at this moment Ino knew her life was in danger.

Before she could really react the side of her head was pressed up against her would be lover’s pussy which easily stretched to accomodate her head. She screamed but it was quickly cut off as her head slid inside.

Her free arm began flailing about trying to grab onto hinata and prevent the action that was happening. Hanabi broke her self pleasureing and hit a couple chakura points on Ino’s arm causing it to go limp. Reducing Ino’s struggles to mere bucking. Hanabi then grabbed ino’s legs realizing she would need to push Ino inside. Hinata’s voice was unintelligable moans starting to go hoarse. Ino’s other shoulder slipped into Hinata as she began to resign herself.

Ino’s medium sized breasts slipped into the consuming pussy. She slipped in inch by inch making a very large bulge in hinata. You could see facial features pressed against her abdomen. As she ino looked around and moved her head. She slid deeper and deeper. Ino curled into the fetal position which was oddly fitting all things considered. Hanabi took a free hand and grabbed a small dildo and slid it into Ino’s sex before it slid into hinata’s sex.
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