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The Adventure - Page 1 - The Adventure - By Krono - Overview
Ever since the day it was invented the cost was extremely prohibitive, but to you it was really the only thing worth working for. You worked tirelessly, only taking breaks for the bare minimum to sustain yourself. This went on for years until today.

Yes, there it is staring you straight in the face through the glare of the store window with it's crazy price tag. It makes sense that it would cost so much though; you are basically buying immortality. Most people would live a lavish lifestyle with that much money. Today was the day that you did it. You finally had enough to buy a regenerator and that's exactly what you plan on doing.

You walk in the absurdly posh establishment and the clerk scoffs at you, obviously judging you as you pass by. She must think you're too poor to afford anything in here and here you are grabbing the most expensive thing they sell and walking back to her. She rings you up and as soon as you complete the purchase her demeanor flips.

Afterwards she goes through the instructions with you and sizes it for your wrist. It looks like a smartwatch and actually has some of those functions as well.

You caught yourself daydreaming about all of the predators you would like to meet and, ahem, explore, snapping back just in time to hear a quick disclaimer.

"These regenerators are not indestructible. However they are acid resistant and waterproof. There is a warranty period and We do offer a full refund if it doesn't work though."

You think to yourself, "How is someone going to claim the refund if it didn't work?" But then you shrug it off.

"Ok then, you're all set! Don't go too crazy now!"

Where to next?

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