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Pzu's Universe - Page 1 - Pzu's Universe - By Nyusha - Overview
Feeling yourself come to, you open your eyes- or so you think, as you are surrounded by a deep darkness. As you attempt to reach forward, you find your energy completely gone, and you can hardly muster the strength to take the breaths keeping you alive. Nevertheless, you continue to attempt to move, only finding that you cannot feel your feet and torso, as well.

"Welcome," you hear, a tranquil voice permeating the darkness. You look about, trying to figure out who is talking to you, and what happened.

Where am I? you think, unable to speak.

"You have died, and I am here to bring you back to life," the voice says, "for as you have inherited such a cruel curse that humors me."

I don't think I understand.

"That's fine. I will tell you, as I always have: You are doomed to invariably perish in the same manner, one that is most humiliating. Thus, I have taken it into my own hands to see whether you can resist your fate, and whether you will defy the curse bestowed upon you, or end up back here again."

Wait, again? How many times has this happened to me? How do I die?

"If I told you such things, it would hardly be as fun to watch," the voice said. You could hear the playfulness in their voice, despite the divine manner in which they spoke. "How would you like to be reincarnated?"
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