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Vore Beach - Page 1 - Vore Beach - By RealZikik - Overview
1. The majority of this interactive is to take place at the beach or somewhere with water that the main character can swim in.
2. Write in second person.
3. Stick to mainly oral vore. Other types are fine as long as they don't come up to often.
5. Sexual teasing is allowed but the characters are not to have sex with each other.
6. Scat is allowed.
7. Protagonist can be pred or prey.
8. More rules will be added or changed if needed.

The sun shines brightly outside and you smile, looking forward to heading outside. You're a young girl named Delicia who has just turned nineteen. You're not too found of your name, so you just have everyone you know call you Del. The people you've known have told you that you're cute but every time you deny it. As you undress to change into your pink bikini, you look at your face in the mirror. You look straight at your face, viewing your blonde shoulder-length hair and light green eyes. Once you've finished changing, you start to worry about how people will react to you when they see you. After all, your boobs are far from being the smallest. You let out a sigh and head out and eventually get to the beach. There's a lot going on there. Everyone's moving and playing around. What are you going to do first?
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