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Daily Survival - Page 106 - How he really started liking to be eaten, after being eaten by his friend. - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"So i really found out I liked being eaten after being eaten by one of my best friends, Mira. She would always joke about eating me. This was before my sister had eaten me her first time. Thing is though, I had been eaten a couple times before. She just made me realize that I loved to be swallowed whole and alive by people and animals."

"It started out innocently. I went over to her house too play, being about 6 years old. We were doing our usual play time when I asked what happened to her big belly from last time. Mira said that she had digested the food she ate. I asked her why she hasn't had more yet? She knew how much I liked her having a big belly. How it squished when we poked it. She said that mom would allow her to eat something soon, as a test to see how big of a thing she could eat. I then suggested it."

Next would be...

"I suggested that she could test out how big a thing she could eat by using me. She would respond that that is silly. She couldn't possibly eat me whole. I edged her on, saying I bet you can't, ya know, kid bets. In the end, she got flustered and agreed. Her mother would just be upstairs while we would be in the basement."

"She would ask me to just stay still. She would start with my head, seeming to do so rather easily. Then she got to my shoulders. She struggled, but I tried helping. Just when it seemed she would give up on getting me into her stomach, she swallowed hard and I almost went all the way down. Only my feet sticking out. She would gulp the down quick, then just breathe. Surprised that she was able to even get me down at all. She would feel her stomach, being so big for the first time. Here I would start to get a feeling in me, one of how I loved being within the wet, dark, cramped space of her stomach. I would move every now and then. She would burp once, seeming to attract her mother form up stairs. She would call for Mira, who would barely stand up, then make her way over to the stairs. Her mother would gasp. She had never seen her daughter have such a big, full belly. She would ask if that was me within her stomach. She would say yes, that I had bet her that she could, while she said she couldn't. Her mother would say she is right, but you have to spit him out dear. Don't want to digest your best friend now right? I would then be spit up on the stairs, giggling. That would be the start of over a thousand times I would be swallowed by Mira. She would come to love eating people."
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