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Daily Survival - Page 84 - Walk over to Roland - By JohnCoffey - Overview
Rachael would slowly start to make her way over to Roland, her eyes only now on the prize, that being Roland, within he belly, alive and kicking. The mere thought making her more hungry. She would stop when she gets next to him. Roland would turn back to see her next to him and seem a little startled, then start to speak, "Oh Rach what do yo-." There he would be cut off when suddenly Rachael would open wide and take in his entire head with one go.

The class would gasp seeing Rachael suddenly start to eat Roland. Ms. Pagan would be there watching Rachael start to devour her meal, not starting to work her way over Roland's shoulders. She would coo a little seeing this and seem to be proud seeing a student be so hungry and wanting to eat a meal. A gurgle coming from her gut now as her stomach would start to digest the meat within her stomach faster than before now, pumping out more acid.

Rachael would be in ecstasy with the flavor she was getting from Roland. Her mind not even really thinking that she shouldn't be doing this. Pure hunger and taste have taken her as she moves down over the shoulders and starts down his chest.

The class would whisper as Rachael goes to town on Roland, seeming to rustle up some people. Mainly some women. Suddenly, another gasp could be heard as another woman in the class is suddenly overcome with an urge and starts to eat the girl next to her feet first. The girl not even resisting, seeming to be gasping and being turned on by being eaten so aggressively. Another woman would then start on a guy in front of her about 30 seconds later. A feeding frenzy appears to have started and Ms. Pagan stands in front of the class taking it all in. "I can tell who will be passing right here and now."

Rachael would now be down to his crotch area, then would pick Roland up off the ground and lift him up over her head to have gravity really do the rest. Opening her throat wide to make it easier for Roland to travel down. It would take about one minute of this for Roland to then curl up into the fetal position with the stomach of Rachael.

Rachael would then...
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