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Daily Survival - Page 95 - Wait for Emma to swallow first - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"Roland would only stand there, elbow deep down the throat of Emma. She would wait a little bit, seeming to wait for him to push himself in further. It would be a good four minutes of the two staying those positions, Emma occasionally tasting Roland. She would only do a small shake of her head, as she could with her mouth full. She would then proceed to swallow.

Roland was wondering if Emma didn't actually want to eat him or not after a couple of minutes. Seeming to get a little less hopeful, he would think about waiting till about five minutes. Not long after thinking this, her would feel the swallow!

Emma would swallow once, with Roland's head suddenly moving into her mouth. Emma would then start to quickly ingest Roland. Swallow after swallow. Cascading down into her stomach. The entire time, Roland making sure that he is letting her do the work. Licking him the entire way down.

Once within her stomach, Emma would belch once, not too loud though. She would then...
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