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Daily Survival - Page 96 - Respond, making Rachael confused. - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"He was a little pre occupied Rach deary." Emma would respond to Rachael. Rachael would be quiet for a little bit of time before responding again, seeming to have had an orgasm.

"Emma! Where is Roland? He still in bed after the session? I also feel quite the stomach on you through your pets stomach. Unless..." Rachael would trail off a little.

"Oh you feel him alright, he is within my stomach. I always eat when my pet does. I am glad he came. Made it easier to join my pet this time for a meal. Both of you will digest slowly, but nicely. You should live in our stomachs for about a week, any longer and I will make that a record. Usually your form is gone by then." Emma would have her stomach against her pets stomach bulge, rubbing hers and her pets stomach. Gurgling slowly being heard from both together.

"Now Rachael, dear, I will be with you the entire time, Roland will be as well. I hope you do not mind. The bonding will only get better. I also hope you enjoy your meal as well." Emma would say, seeming to rub the bigger bulge within her pets belly.

"Thank you Emma. The dream come true, for me and probably Roland too. He told me during the project that he had many close encounters too. About as many as me. I even ate him once during the week after a sex session while in the moment. I brought him back out though, as you can tell. Do enjoy him in there, he gives great inside massages."

Emma and her pet would digest their meals slowly over the next week, with both of them still somewhat alive after this time. Rachael not alive as much as Roland. Both feeling their skin getting mushy. The sounds of digestion would increase more, first from the snake's stomach, but that being Rachael's stomach. Her meal getting worked on hard, now devoid of form and looking smaller. Rachael worked hard on digesting her Asian meal. She loved it. Another week would go by, Rachael now dead, slowly digesting more now within the snake. Roland also dead, but having survived another couple days after Rachael died. Emma would have quite the sized stomach still. No real form but a round mass is what it would be. She would gently caress her stomach, thanking Roland for the meal.

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