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Daily Survival - Page 98 - How his little sister, younger by five years, had eaten him at five years of age, whole. - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"I was ten years old. My younger sister was five at the time. She had always shown that she could eat things as big if not bigger than her. She liked it actually. Once a week she would always eat a watermelon whole. One time mom even allowed her to eat a dog they bought, just for such an occasion. That dog was her first live meal. Also her first meal bigger than her. She was proud to down it. It took her a whole month to digest. Thing is though, she missed the feeling. She got an idea when it came time for show and tell for her class. She told me not to tell mom. I thought it weird, but she never told me what it was until we were at school. She said to follow her to an area, then to stuff my head in her mouth. I asked why, and she said that her show and tell was her big brother being in her belly! I had already be eaten a good amount of times by now, so I thought another time wouldn't hurt. She was my sister after all. So I made sure that I would help her as best I could, being twice her size at the time. It took a good ten minutes for me to get fully into her stomach, but man what a tight fit. She thanked me, then went off for show and tell. The teacher wasn't too happy, but was also impressed to see this five year old had managed to eat her older brother. My outline in her stomach was distinct and everyone in her class came to touch her tight stomach. I was in there all day. Being used to some long trips, I imagined that I would get out, but man, being in the stomach for eight hours does some work at least. Lucky she was not used to such meals. I had little to not damage on my skin. Her stomach didn't produce acids fast enough. My parents were not too happy though. When "we" were picked up, she gladly showed her stomach to show she ate someone bigger than her. My parents congratulated her, but also questioned where I was. I responded from within. My parents then look horrified. They told her to spit me up, or there will be a punishment. In the end I was thrown back up at home. This is not the only time she has eaten me..."

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