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FurFantasy - Page 1 - Homepage - By LtFuzz - Overview
You wake. Leisurely stretching your arms whilst beginning to sit up as your eyes slowly adjust to the morning light, the somewhat grating calls of birds can be heard from the deeply forested areas bordering the small commune you live in. You reach a hand to your face rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you begin to take in your room once again. Its bareness reminding you of your recent move to this town, not able to afford a house in the few cities in the area. Standing up, you make your way to your wardrobe for a change of clothing. After standing there for a moment or two, you finally decide upon a sleeveless linen shirt. The gray dye it had once adorned now a dull white, the original colour dwindling from the wear and tear over the years. Now dressed you decide to make sure you looked acceptable for the public eye. Moving over to stand in front of your dusty, partially cracked mirror, you take a glance over yourself. Squinting at the reflective surface, you see a..
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