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FurFantasy - Page 3 - Male fox. - By LtFuzz - Overview
Right, you see a slim, but broad-shouldered fox in the mirror. Your tail wagging energetically as the excitement of a new day fills your body. Done admiring yourself, you make your way down the stairs leading out of your bedroom. At the base of the stairs your growling stomach reminds you that you need to make yourself something to eat, so you walk into the kitchen, your tail swishing with each step as you do so. As you open the cupboards in search of food, you come across the revelation that you have none. Instead left with the remembrance of needing to buy some bread from the town's bakery. You let out a sigh and pick up a small pouch of coins that you had previously left on the counter, almost as if you had expected such a situation might occur. After quickly heading upstairs to retrieve a light, leather belt and securing it around your waist, you looped the jingling coin purse around the newly adorned strip of animal hide, fitting snugly against your side.
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