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World of Kinky Oppression - Page 11 - You hear footsteps approach - By smithgerald - Overview
You hear several loud THUDS that you recognise as footsteps get closer and closer to you. You're trying your very best to hold your breath, any indication of where you are hiding would spell your doom.

Suddenly, the pillows on top of you are flung into the air as you see Lady Tatyana staring above you, lust and hunger in her powerful gaze.

"Well well well. I've found you rather easily, little mouse. You fell right into the pillow trap where all little boys think they can hide in. Foolish." You try to run through her legs, but she just laughs and picks you up, "Come here, my sweet, tasty morsel."

You try your best to break free from her almighty grip, however your small body is powerless against her. She opens her mouth and plops you in, slushing her tongue over your body for a few moments to savour you. After a few moments, she swallows and you're sent down the slimy passage of her throat and into her stomach.

You feel her pat her belly from the outside, "Delicious. The world is truly a wonderful place giving ladies like me treats like you. A very healthy breakfast indeed. Farewell, little mouse!"

You have been consumed by Lady Tatyana.

The end.
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