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World of Kinky Oppression - Page 16 - "Hold tight. Everything will be clear soon. - By smithgerald - Overview
An unseen force took hold on you as you drifted into Claire's womb.

"Hold tight, everything will be clear soon."

Her voice was muffled from your location, but you still managed to comprehend what she was saying. After a few moments of drifting, something launched out at you and attached itself to your stomach. As soon as it made contact, you felt yourself go numb and lose all control over your actions. The one section of you that did retain its' sense of feeling though, your manhood, began to retract and morph into something else as a bunch of glowing pink liquid came and began to marinate you.

You're not sure how long you spent inside Claire, but as it went on you felt your muscle mass decrease, buttocks and breast widen with fat and your genitals morph into that of a female. Eventually, you began to start growing a little bit once more, until you were the size of an actual baby.

As this is all going on, you feel your memories begin to become hazy. You start to forget who you were and how you came to be where your were. All you knew is that you felt very comfortable where you are and loved whoever put you there very much.

Eventually, it was time to come out. As you exited the same passage that bought you here in the first place, you began to shed tears of discomfort as you were ripped from your home. As soon as you exited the womb of your now-mother, you looked up at the woman who has given you a new purpose. But you'd never know that, as your memories were taken from you while inside her.

As your tears increased, the only thing that stopped them was Claire taking you to her breasts and letting you suckle on one of her nipples, feeding you the nutrients and chemicals you'd need to be a predator yourself one day.

"Good girl, little sweetie. There is so much I'm going to teach you."

You have been rebirthed by Claire.

The end.
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