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Svtfoe Vore Stories and Freeroam - Page 30 - Start with the head - By Thor11 - Overview
Star decided that the best place to start with was his head. Marco would definitely wake up upon feeling his head enter her mouth but she would be able to pin his arms to his sides if he tries to fight back. Star gently crawled onto Marco’s bed being carful not to shake it too much. Star’s face now loomed above a sleeping Marco’s face as she positioned herself on top of him. Beneath her lavender pajamas her stomach rumbled, demanding her to get on with it. Star placed her hands gently on his elbows and pinned them to his sides before lifting his upper body of the bed and brought his head to her awaiting maw which opened up like a snakes. Marco’s head upon entering her maw was instantly covered in a thick layer of saliva which pooled up in mouth as she was getting ready to eat. Star let out a little moan of pleasure at the sheer flavor of his taste. Marco’s taste was so rich, so soft, so meaty and Star loved every moment of it.
“Ugh, w-what in the?” Marco said drowsy and confused. His head was wet, he couldn’t move his arms, he could barely move his legs and there was occasional moans in his ears. Star felt Marco’s brief struggle and heard his confused words. She knew he was now awake. She was little nervous about the development but her Johansen strength kept him near immobile. Still she wanted to give her prey as little chance to escape as possible. She swallowed sending Marco’s head into her gullet and his shoulders to her maw. Marco started to piece together what was happening. The moistness, the hot feminine breathing, soft tight moving walls and the loud gulp in his ears helped fully paint the picture that he was being eaten. And it didn’t take long to figure out what or in this case who was eating him. First, the feminine breathing and moaning helped point out it was a girl. Secondly, the softness of her hands felt extremely familiar as if he held them before. Finally, the deal sealer her scent of strawberries, chocolate and red peppers revealed to him it was Star. His “best friend” was eating him! The question of why and how was saved for later, the means of escape was his priority now. His natural instincts kicked in as he thrashed around and tried to pull his head back out of her throat. Star caught onto what he was trying to do and swallowed again to shove him deeper inside of her. Marco felt his shoulders enter the tight throat as his head descended further downwards. Star gave Marco’s nipples on his chest a few good licks causing Marco to squirm in comfortably inside her. She spent her sweet time savoring her absolutely delicious meal before her stomach roared at her. She knew she was dragging this out for her own pleasure and needed to get on with it. She started rapidly swallowing pushing Marco deeper and deeper into her. Marco thrashed and squirmed as best he could becoming nothing more that frantic movements. The feeling of being devoured was almost maddening, as he struggled to hold onto his sanity. As his head entered her stomach a bulge became visible through her pajamas that grew larger and larger with head swallow. As she finally reached his bare feet, the things that started this thing in the first place, she sucked and slurped on them before finally sealing Marco in her gut with one final swallow.

Star’s belly swelled out to a human shaped orb which her pajamas wrapped around perfectly. She felt Marco’s minuscule struggles inside of her as he pushed against her stomach walls which only squeezed back against him in response. Star’s hunger was gone and she was left very full and a bit gassy.
“Urrrrrrrpp!” Star belched as her belly got tighter around Marco to fill in the empty space. She rubbed and patted her belly as she felt her best friend squirm inside. She had 2 choices sort of now. She could let her stomach digest Marco like all other foods that passed through her before or she could just keep him in her belly for a while and release him later when she finds some other food. She decided to...
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