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The Story of Rose - Page 1 - The Story of Rose - By Kasev - Overview
You are an 14 years old girl, named Rose Glory. You looking very ordinary with 145 cm heigh, about of slender figure, same ordinary, non-memorable face, and A-cup chest. There is only one thing in your appearance, what you can be proud of - Your long, silky, black hair what is going down till your waist.

You have a three family members:
Your mother Lily Glory. She is an 41 years old, beautiful 184 cm. tall woman, with aristocratically correct face, long, braided black hair, blue eyes, and B-cup breasts. Her body is very well-maded, with not very big, but beautiful curves in right places. She is strict, but very caring person.

Your elder sister Miranda Glory, is same beautiful thing as your mother. An 22 years old, and 192 cm. tall young woman, with kind look on her pretty face, brown, waist-lenght hair, green eyes, and little bit more, than mother's curvaceous, well-made body with C-cup breasts. She is a kind, and peaceful person

Your younger sister Chloe Glory is 9 years old girl with childish slender body, where only starting to appear some curves. She have 135 santimeters height, with plain-like chest, every time smile on her cute face, big green eyes and blond waist-lenght twintails. She is very playful and lively person.

And, at this day, you woke up with assurance, that it is very good day for vore.

"Doesn't matter, will I digest someone, or be digested myself, I sure, something will happen today!"
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