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Monster Island Vore Quest - Page 1 - Monster Island Vore Quest - By Thornfist - Overview
- All the Kaiju here are female of anthro nature. They can talk and they have anthro-esque figures.
- Digestion and scat are required with vore.
- Gas/farting is encouraged
- Anal vore is encouraged as well as oral vore

Apart from that, go nuts.

You were quite the Godzilla fan. You'd seen every film in the franchise, collected dozens of action figures and owned every video game the Kaiju had ever starred in. That being said, your love went...Slightly beyond what most would consider normal. Your ultimate dream would be to be digested alive by one. To be turned into ass fat and poop to be expelled from their shapely behinds.

It started out as a mere fantasy that only grew more and more intense as the days went by. Eventually, you committed yourself to sail to Monster Island yourself with the intention of becoming Kaiju crap.

And, as it turned out, it didn't take long for you to find what you were searching for. Even before visiting the island, you knew the place like the back of your hand, and quickly sought out the location of your most desired monster. The Earth shook as her stomps indicated her imminent arrival.

Finally, you turned around to see her.

As you survey the titanic figure above you, you find that it's the curvaceous figure of...
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