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A Night With Father - Page 1 - A Night With Father - By RealZikik - Overview
Your parents have been divorced for a while. Despite this, it didn't really have much of an effect on you. Both of your parents have been treating you the same as they did before the divorce, so you ended up not being too concerned. You're a young girl that's just finished high school and to most people, you look skinny, but you're a little chubby. Not only that, but you're pretty tall. You've got light brown hair that goes down to your shoulders and green eyes. When you arrive at your father's house, he lets you inside. He's got short, messy hair that's the same color as your own. However, his eyes are blue. The man also has some five o' clock shadow. The first thing you do after you finish talking is head to your room and unpack your stuff. Once you're done, you sit down on your bed and wonder what to do.
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