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A Night With Father - Page 62 - I Don't Want To Be Dinner! - By RealZikik - Overview
"No, I don't want that." you responded.
"Well, I still want you." he said.
"Dad, no-!" you exclaimed.

His hands are placed on your shoulders and he starts swallowing you down. You panic and start trying to break free and your shirt rolls up as it enters his mouth, exposing your skin to his tongue. Even more saliva is created in reaction to the great flavor it provides. Your shirt rolls up past your pink bra, so he's able to taste a bit of your boobs before moving onto your stomach, which makes you real uncomfortable. Your belly button slides off his tongue and then your legs are next to enter his mouth. Your father unzips your pants and takes them off, so he can swallow past your panties and enjoy the taste of your bare legs.

He swallows further getting past your hips. Your legs are sticking out and your upper body is still falling into his stomach, with your shirt still rolled up. He swallows some more and your knees fall into his mouth and down his throat. With some more swallows, he gets past your feet and finishes you off. All of you lands in his stomach, where you know you're gonna get digested.

"Dad, let me out!" you exclaimed, "I don't wanna get digested!"
"Sorry, but you're not getting out." he said.
"Dammit!" you respond.

Inside of his stomach as you struggle, your clothes start forming tears and your exposed skin begins to turn red. It starts to itch a little and stings slightly and the pain doesn't stop. It was happening. You were being digested. Your shirt tears open, exposing your stomach to the digestive fluids. Your bra is soon no longer covered up. Inside his belly you begin to be tossed around, more clothes and flesh coming off of you and you are in pain. Soon, you're just in a bra and a torn up pair of panties which soon digests off. Your bra forms holes and digests off pretty quickly too. Now you're naked and have bits of your body already broken down. You can no longer hear anything outside of your father's stomach and start crying. You had a bad time getting digested.
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