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Interesting Times - Page 6 - Stick around - By pyraneespomegranates - Overview
You decide to play your odds and stick around. Behind you some people begin to leave the zoo, while others rush in. After a few moments, a buzzer sounds. The cast-iron gates to the zoo slam shut, and you watch in front of you as wolves appear, hungry looks in their eyes, and head towards the gate to their enclosure. Next to you a blonde girl begins stripping down, so you follow suit, throwing off your T-shirt, unbuckling your belt, and stripping off your shorts and underwear in one smooth motion.

You blush as you make eye contact with the girl, her nude body getting you obviously erect, but she just gives you a small smile and shrugs.

Another buzzer sounds, and she turns to run, as do most of the other people, though a few just stand there, and one even goes down onto her hands and knees preemptively, presenting herself for the wolves. You turn to face the girl. "Why are we running?" You ask.
"'Cause it's more fun this way," she replies, with a giggle, and you follow suit.

You hear the clacking of the iron gate behind you as you jog away, and howling and yips from the wolves, as well as moans from their prey who were either too willing or too slow to escape them. You hear the footsteps of a wolf rushing behind you, and you look at the girl keeping pace besides you. She gives you a mischievous grin, and you frown, confused, until you feel her leg collide with yours. She tripped you!

Your hands slam to the ground, and you realize belatedly that it must look like you're presenting yourself for the wolf, who obligingly pads up to you. You hear his panting, and, from the rod poking at your backside, it's obviously a "he", as the big wolf prepares to mount you. Its thrust is rough but surprisingly pleasant as it jams its cock into your sphincter, and you go rigid at the intrusion. Quickly and without regards to your pleasure it fucks you, and you notice the girl in front of you has turned around to watch. She sinks to the ground and shoves two fingers in her pussy as she enjoys the view of you being fucked by your eventual predator.

You take a hand off of the ground to stroke your raging erection, and moan as the wolf pounds your prostate. Normally you wouldn't have unprotected sex like this, but you suppose it doesn't really matter, as you're about to become the wolf's next meal.

The girl looks up from her masturbating, and smiles gaily. "You're pretty cute you know," she says. "I'd totally bang you, y'know, if you weren't wolf food."

You try to give her a smile back, and maybe a witty reply, but just then the wolf slams his knot into your hole, leaving you breathless and gasping for air. You feel a warmth deep inside as the wolf's cock shoots its sperm deep in you, before it twists around into a canine mating position, flooding even more sperm into your insides.

After a little while, the knot shrinks and plops out of you, and you feel the cum leaking out of your hole. In your mind's eye you can't help but think about that twink a few minutes ago, and how similarly you must look to him right now, except with an audience of one instead of a crowd. The wolf takes your feet in its mouth and begins drawing you in, and you redouble your efforts jacking off. By the time he gets your legs down his gullet you're on the edge, and you start to cum as your hips enter his maw.

The thought that you're nothing but a fuck and a snack to this animal turns you on harder than you've ever been turned on before, and the wolf gives your cock, and the hand that's stroking it, a long lick as your semen flavors his snack. He swallows faster, and soon your vision is framed by his teeth, you can feel his saliva all down your neck, back and legs as he swallows you whole, giving you one last glimpse of the outside world and of the blonde girl who tripped you, still furiously jacking off.

The wolf's stomach is surprisingly warm and wet, and your legs begin to tingle as you begin to feel light-headed. You curl up in the wolf's stomach, and pass out.
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