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Dad and the Men - Page 23 - "Lets see how you measure up, boy" (Cock Comparison with Dad) - By Aino - Overview
"I think it's about time I see what you really inherited from me," Your dad says, as he reaches to hook a couple fingers into the waistband of your shorts. You consider asking him to stop but he gives you a warm grin, "You dont gotta if you dont want to.."

You reach to put your hand onto the one hooking into your waistband while flushing red as you say, "I can strip myself Dad," and try to chuckle as you reach with your other hand to grip your shorts, "But uh, could you.."

Your dad relents and pulls his hand free from your waist, "Alright, alright. I'm the one asking to see how my boy's cock lines up with mine," and reaches to peel off his own gym shorts, sliding them down those hairy tree trunk legs as he gets down to the boxers his own meaty cock is straining within, "I'd like it if you could join me in the unveiling~" he teases as he leans his head onto the side of your own, even planting a kiss on the side of your head.

You're too turned on too say much, so you just nod and peel off your own shorts to reveal the tenting bulge your dad had just groped through those shorts. You've been leaking precum solidly through your modern patterned boxerbriefs since you saw your Dad's outlined ass cheeks and hairy legs, and as your father leans to get a look from above you can only throb at attention in front of him, which prompts a pleased whistle.

"Can't even fucking tell which of us is bigger boy. Always a fun sign when comparing with buds," he says, "I know you're pretty excited, so how about we do a little wager based on who's got the bigger thigh-slapper." He says, gripping the base of his cock through his boxer briefs, and you can swear a button wants to pop free from the torture he's putting it through, "Wont tell you what either of us will win, but I already know that you're gonna have fun with it Son... so just give me a nod if you wanna take me up on the offer~"

You could practically pass out right now.. have you been dreaming of a moment like this with your Dad this whole time? You look down at his cock and know that he's right with it being anyone's game, and you can see his cock starting to leak through his underwaer, almost like it's drooling.

You gulp, and on reflex nod like you usually would when trying to clear your throat.

Your dad laughs and slaps you on the back, "That's my boy!"

You dont bother to correct him, as your mind was made up from the second he mentioned a wager anyway.
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