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Dad and the Men - Page 24 - "Here's the best part" (Vore Scene Starts) - By Aino - Overview
(note: I'm using the gay terminology 'cub' here to refer to a younger 18 to 40 year old man who's not as 'mature' looking as a bear or daddy bear is considered to be.)

You had thought this was a normal movie, but you noticed after a bit that the urinal scene kept going...
The protagonist, an aging man around your dad's age if you had to guess, left his cock dangling out proud as he took a piss, and gently wagged it about for the other man that had been pissing next to him.

"Here's the best part Son.." Your dad says, and you can see him shift one of his hands to grope the bulge in his basketball shorts, "Been wanting to show you this since you turned 18." He says, and his chest seems to have a happy rumble in it, your dad starting to moan in pleasure in front of you as he gets worked up to the scene.

You got lucky that he didn't notice you leaning to stare at what he was doing, and you lean back as you realize you can start to openly tug at your own cock through your shorts, just like your Dad's doing..

What you see before you is clearly a cruising scene, and you can see the bear on the screen happily rumble out "Didn't think I'd catch one so easily,"

To which the man kneeling in front of him, reaching to grab the throbbing daddy cock in front of him, drags his tongue across that piss slit, humming at the taste of the older man's musk before saying, "There is that saying about honey.. and bearcubs like me? Well we love to suck on a good honey wand.."

It's cheesy, but you let out a moan as he takes the cockhead into his mouth, his moustache grinding along that length, slicking it up with his spit. The daddy just grabs the back of his head and rubs through his hair, cooing "Good boy" down at him.

"I uh.. didn't expect you wanted to watch a movie like this with me Dad," You say, and reach into your pants to feel the bead of precum forming at the tip of your dick, "Im not complaining though.."

"Im glad to hear that boy, but you dont even know." He says, and you can see him lift his legs up into the air to pull his basketball shorts up and off his body.

You huff, barely able to conceal the noise as you imagine what your Dad would look like with his ankles up like that for a bit longer than a few seconds. You blurt out, "Wish you'd rest those ankles on my shoulder Dad.."

"Really now.." Your dad says before you can apologize for what you just admitted to, "So long as you know how to fuck your old man right, I'm not opposed to seeing what you can bury in me boy." He says with a hearty chuckle as he gropes the jockstrap pouch he's been wearing this whole time underneath the shorts, "Now pay close attention Son... and ditch as much clothes as you want."

You decide to take your shorts and boxerbriefs off alike, even ditching your shirt and letting the musk built up from mowing the lawn earlier flow... you lift an arm to huff your pit as you jerk off openly to the porn on the living room tv. You dont know why, but you have a really good feeling from just how massive the dicks both the men on the tv seem to be packing. It wasn't just that seeing a meaty cock was hot, but it felt like either guy was still getting harder, and harder.. and you're pretty sure they could each fit a finger down their cockhead..
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