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Dad and the Men - Page 25 - The Disc Skips... to the porn your dad burned onto it - By Aino - Overview
The disc skips and cuts to a closeup of your father's handsomely bearded face, his lips spread around something you can't quite see. He immediately says "Heh, didn't think I'd burnt something onto this disc.." as he starts looking for where he set the remote, "Can ya look away Son?"

Before you can ask if everything is okay you can see the camera pull back as your Dad does on the screen... his lips pulling off a cock that looks almost identical to your own...

"is that.." you start to say, idly reaching to grope yourself to what you're seeing

"Fuck you've got a good cock Son," your Dad says on the tv screen-

"Shit shit shit," your dad says flustered, fumbling the remote and dropping it onto the floor beside his recliner-

"Cant wait to see if your brother's tastes as good hitting the back of my throat." Dad says to your twin brother. "I think that fuckstick's lubed up enough for my ass,"

You dont care, you're stripping off your shorts and pulling your cock out the fly of your underwear to jerk off to this for as long as you get to watch it.

Your dad tries to reach over to the remote, but in his panic he hits the forward button, and the remote flies out of his grip to land beside you. He doesn't turn to you, but says with what's clearly some embarrassment in his voice, "Hey Son, if you can do me a favor and turn off the tv, we can move on and pretend this didnt happen if ya prefer.."

You reach over to the remote and hold it in one hand as you jerk yourself off with the other, deciding...
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