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Day Dreemurrs - Page 1 - Day Dreemurrs - By booleanTrue - Overview
- Oral vore only
- All paths must end in either death or rescue
- All deaths are final. There is no reforming in this story nor any miraculous saves (i.e. a character randomly throws up after eating you)
- Hard vore, crush, and other endings are allowed but must be clearly marked in the option description
- All characters must be 18 or older. No exceptions

In this alternate universe of the world of Undertale the citizens of mount Ebott have managed to become free from their prison without the need for bloodshed. Monster-kind now lives peacefully on the surface world with humans. You are friends with monsters of all kinds but you have a particularly good relationship with the Dreemurrs: Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel. Since tragedy never befell them in this timeline, Asriel has grown into a young adult (roughly the same age as you).

You were planning to surprise your favorite furry family when something very unexpected happened: everything became inexplicably huge! Once cozy furniture was suddenly titanic in scope. Something as simple as a walk to the living room was now a long, arduous trek fraught with danger. You could be crushed to death at any moment under the weight of an enormous footpaw or be whisked away to your doom by a busy broom or vacuum cleaner. There were uncountable ways you could run into trouble but one fact stood clear above all: no one knew you were here.

Were the inhabitants aware of your presence they would undoubtedly help you as much as they could; it was simply in their good nature to help a friend out as much as possible. Unfortunately for you however this visit was supposed to have been a surprise. With your current size there was no chance of any of them being able to spot you - let alone recognize you - without something resembling a miracle. You'll have to find a way to get close to them and be noticed without getting lost, trapped, or killed in the process.

You turn the problem over in your head and decide your best bet is to...
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