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A week in Vorerellia - Page 1 - A week in the life of a citizen in Vorerellia - By Thor11 - Overview
Welcome to Vorerellia. Vorerellia is a small city with a semi large population. There are many different occupations for your character in this world. This world is owned by Humans of both the Predator and Prey variety. It is a near perfect natural balance between them with 20% of the population being a Predator and 80% being Prey. Preds usually spend their day to day life working with and alongside Prey (As well as eating them) and trying to find a strong person to carry on their genes for the next generation (Preds can be both Male or female.) While Prey usually work with Preds as well while also trying to keep a distance and try to pass their genes onto a Pred to give their children a batter chance at survival (Pred genes are the dominate gene.)

Now with all that out of the way. All that is left is to choose your gender, your stance on the food chain, and your occupation. Let's get started! What Gender are you?
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