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Pokemon Vore Experiment. - Page 1 - Pokemon Lab Experiment. - By syrusalpha88 - Overview
Syrus here, letting you guys know the rules and all that shindig. I allow a lot of things, since I'm a pretty relaxed guy, but here are things I will probably delete:

*Any other vore not listed below
*Torture (Extreme or tickle)

And here are things that are allowed:

*Oral, Anal, Cock Vore, and Unbirth
*Digestion and Disposal
*Unwilling/Willing Pred, and Unwilling/Willing Prey (You)
*Pokemon being able to talk
*Playfulness from the Pokemon hurting
*Anything else

If you are unsure about anything you want to add, don't be afraid to contact me. Also, for determining what Pokemon to put where, is by the primary type. For example, Joltik is Bug/Electric, so it will go into the Bug Door, and so on. So, that's about it, Syrus out.

You arrive at the laboratory, just like the directions told you. You sigh, while you'd prefer not to be at this place at all, you need the money, and this is the only place that would accept your resume.

You enter the building, and are instantly blinded by the bright fluorescent lights and white walls. You look around and see a lone scientist sitting on a couch, reading a clipboard. He's wearing a very stereotypical white coat and goggles. You tap his shoulder to get his attention. "Hey, I'm here." You say.

"Hmmm?" The scientist mumbles, looking up at the clipboard to look at you. "Ah, I see our new test- I mean employee has arrived! Good, good." He starts to touch your face and torso in an interested way. "I see why they hired you, such composure, such body shape."

"Uhh, I guess personal doesn't exist here." You nervously say, trying to stop the guy from touching you.

"Oh, sorry, it's just a thing I do." The scientist chuckles, "But I'm guessing what it is you were hired to do, since I'm pretty sure you didn't read the contract, or else you wouldn't be here. Your job here is to interact with some Pokemon, and by interact, we mean be eaten by Pokemon."

Your heart sinks a little. Maybe I should have read the contract after all, you think, as the scientist chuckles, probably looking at your terrified face.

"I would understand why you are scared, but we're not murderers, so, take this pill" You got a lime green pill from the Scientist. "If you die, you will start from when you walk in here, and we will get the information that we need, so you wont be in a Groundhog's Day like loop. You wont remember anything that happened, and neither will I, but rest assured, everything will be A-Okay."

You feel a bit better, since you wont technically die. You swallow the pill, as the scientist puts his hand over your shoulder. "The doors are at the North hallway, and are separated by type, except for 4 doors, which are Eeveelutions, Mythicals/Legendaries, Ultra Beasts and Starters. Go get eaten or whatever."

You go North, like that scientist guy told you, and reach a hallway of 22 doors. Which one do you open?
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