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Down on Grandpa's Farm - Page 33 - Sis accidentally Swallows You - By lolboy13 - Overview
You squirm slightly, not enjoying being manhandled by a tongue. Your sister's tongue no less. You'd never hear the end of it from her after this. You groan as you try hard to not get a boner from the unintentional blowjob your sis is giving you, squirming to try and make your giant sis stop.

Eve smiles as she easily toys with you, pinning you gently to her teeth. She rolls you across the front of her teeth but is not pressing you too firmly. That's why when you are launched from her tongue and teeth to her throat you are both surprised. Eve's eyes widen as she feels you hit the back of her throat. She cannot help but cough once then forcefully swallow the irritant. You.

Eve was pushing you firmly to her teeth, not that she could possibly know and you were being squeezed between her tooth and her plush tongue. Eventually, the pressure of her tongue pushing under you launched you towards the dark abyss that is your sister's throat. You land against the back of her mouth and you feel Eve cough around you, shaking you off of the back of her mouth, but letting you drop into the dark squishy void of her throat. You feel Eve swallow, her throat muscles gripping you tight then dragging you down, away from light, deep into your sister's body.

Grandma's eyes widen as she sees Eve cough then swallow.

"EVE! Did you just swallow your brother?!" Eve blushes and looks to the floor. "Open your mouth right now!" Eve hesitantly opens her mouth and shows off her empty maw. Grandma only sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose.
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