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Trying Everything: A Zootopia Vore Interactive Story - Page 1 - An Introduction - By HisashiHinata - Overview
Welcome to the world of Zootopia! You will follow the path of one single character from the movie, and watch as they devolve from their original character into a voracious predator!

Just so that you're not caught off guard, I'm making it clear from here.

There will be:
- Soft Vore
- Scat (skippable)
- Fatal Digestion
- Weight Gain, a looooot of it
- Mostly Oral Vore
- Both Male and Female Predators
- Mostly Same Size or Bigger-than-pred
- Bad endings!

For contributors, please do not add:
- Gore or anything involving fetishy blood (violence blood is fine, but be reasonable)
- Diapers
- Random, nonsensical stuff
- Giantess or micro (unless it's with mice, but don't overdo it)
- Watersports

Anything else is a maybe that you'll have to take up with me.

If you have an idea on how to expand the story or any questions and clarifications, feel free to PM me what you have in mind. I might or might not use it, so don't expect me to use it right away.

In Zootopia, vore has never been seen before. The only thing everyone expects predators to do is to rip and tear into flesh, leaving behind a bloody mess. No one expects true predators to swallow whole and digest completely... nor do they expect that, just as a certain idol once said, anyone can be anything~

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde had just saved Zootopia, and everyone's in high spirits. Which is why nobody expected a new case to turn up so soon... whether that case gets discovered or not depends on someone's choices~


With all that out of the way, it's time to pick who's story to follow!
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