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Arrival In Draconia - Page 1 - Arrival In Draconia - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Arrival In Draconia! In this story, you must try to survive this strange new place you have ended up in. Or not! The choice is yours!

Currently, only I will edit the story, but eventually I will open it up for others to add their paths. Just use proper and correct grammar, and no serious content. No M/M or F/F. There will be some vore, but don't be surprised when you (the character in the story) are turned into a mindless pet instead.

Ah… Fresh air, sunshine, and a nice walk in the woods. Nothing could ruin this day!
Over the past few days you’ve come to realize that moving into a new house can really suck, but its days like this that are worth the endless hours of unpacking. You’ve always been close to nature, and you feel that your move to your new home was more than a great idea. The only problem is that it’s just a little bit secluded. The closest neighbors you have are probably 15 miles away!
You know you shouldn’t walk too far out from your new home. It is probably easy to get lost in these woods; but then again, you do have a good sense of direction.
You keep walking, taking in your new environment. Situated halfway up a hill you spy what appears to be the entrance to a cave. Figuring that giving it a look wouldn't hurt anything, you begin to climb toward the rocky orifice. Upon reaching it, you find that it is not only a cave, but one that looks as if it is large enough to explore without worry of stalactite-induced concussions. Though lacking in proper spelunking shoes, you decide that fumbling around in the dark for a while might be fun. With a parting glance around the forest, you slip through the aperture and into the dimness beyond. The interior isn't as dark as you would have expected, and after some minor scrutiny you discover that cracks mar the wall and ceiling in places, providing enough light to make traversing the cave relatively worry-free.

Wandering through the grotto, the limestone walls present a natural beauty which you find quite appealing. Rounding a corner, you are somewhat confused when a metallic glint in the center of the hallway catches your eye. Bending down and scraping at the ground where the glint came from, you manage to unearth an old pocketwatch after a moment of work. Disappointment at not having been the first person to set foot in the cave is quickly replaced by excitement. What if a mere watch is not the extent of what has been lost and forgotten in the cave? Dreams of hijacked stagecoaches filled with gold filling your mind, you drop the watch in your pocket and press on with renewed vigor.

Unfortunately, the cracks which had aided you with their light previously seem to have no siblings in the depths you seek to reach, and your visibility is gradually eaten away by the encroaching darkness. Getting to the point of not being able to see your hand in front of your face, you realize that pressing on has become impossible. Figuring that you'll just have to come back some other day with a flashlight, you turn around and begin walking back the way you believe you came. After several minutes of walking and experiencing no greater level of light, you start to think that you may have taken the wrong path at some point. Now somewhat worried, you fumble about, trying to make out some landmark in the inky blackness.

Without warning, you take a step and find nothing underfoot. Flailing blindly as you pitch forward, you experience several seconds of vertigo before the air is knocked from your lungs by a sudden impact. Managing to get your eyes open for just a second, you think you see something glittering in the darkness ahead of you, but consciousness abandons you before you can even begin to think about what that sparkle portents.

You wake up to find yourself in the same area where you collapsed. You slowly rise and turn to the direction to see that the sparkle is no longer there. You scratch the back of your head and ponder about the phenomena for a bit, debating to yourself whether what you saw was a dream or not. You quickly shook your head and erased your mind of the thought as you had to think of a way to get out of here. You reached down in your pocket and grabbed your cellphone; it’s light illuminating the damp cave. As figured, your cellphone could not pick up a reception from your location; nevertheless you keep it open as its light would be of great help.

With your cellphone lighting your path, you continue to trek through the dark cave. As you walk you begin hearing a feint water sound. The sound increased as you continue to travel the down the narrow corridor. Eventually, you stumble upon a rushing stream of water. You sigh with relief as you remembered from countless television shows that you can find an exit if you followed where the water was flowing from. Your stomach started to growl from hunger as you traveled along the streaming water. You looked at your cellphone and noticed its 10:12 P.M. Not wanting to stay in this place any longer, you decide to pick up the pace a bit. Unfortunately your extra haste caused you to slip and accidentally drop your cellphone in the rushing water forever losing it and your only source of light. You begin to lose some hope as you see the light of your cellphone traveling off in the distance; nonetheless you pick yourself up and pressure on ahead.

After about ten minutes or so you begin to see a faint light ahead. Figuring salvation, you anxiously scuttled towards the light. The air around you changed with each step and what felt like an eternity, you finally step upon fresh grass outside of the cave and collapsed on a nearby rock. The hard rock you laid on never felt so good. You turned your eyes to catch a glimpse of your surroundings. Even though this wasn't the initial entrance you are relieved that at least you're out of the cave. Thirsty, you decide to take a drink from the previous stream. As you drank, you noticed something strange from the reflection of the stream. You quickly turn to the source of the reflection, the moon. You gasped in horror at the sight. There wasn't just one normal moon, but beside it laid another moon! The one on the left was green in colour, while the other one was purplish-pink. You couldn't believe it, you didn't want to believe it, but it seemed you were on another world.

As you looked at the moons, you accidentally backed up against something. You screamed and quickly turned around to find it was a mere tree. However, because of the moons you backed off thinking it wasn’t an ordinary tree. You smacked yourself in order to return to your normal composure and closed your eyes in order to grasp control of your situation. You let out a deep sigh, opened your eyes and decided to consider your options.
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