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Arrival In Draconia - Page 26 - The mother appears - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Suddenly, you hear the swooping of what sounds like wings, as a large bird flies into the cave through the opening. It lands by the eggs, located in its nest, as it looks them over. It seems to be checking to see if any have been taken or something.

It seems it is content, as it lifts its head. It looks to its left, and spies you. You and the bird gaze at one another for a few minutes, neither of you willing to make the first move.

The bird then screeches, then stares you down. Then, in the next second, you are down on the ground, pinned beneath the bird's talons. What just happened!?

The bird lowers its head, and opens its mouth, letting loose a loud screech. Crimson red energy vibrates out of the mouth, surrounding your face.
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