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Arrival In Draconia - Page 3 - Find a source of water - By Dragonblaze - Overview
As you wandered the forest eventually you stumble upon a sparkle of clear yet refreshing water from a stream off the creak. You didn't know from a distance that you were walking to a run towards the stream to get a better look and maybe a drink. the stream was inches with a few roots with small spikes at their end nearly toughing the rocks.

The stream was very large that you saw a fish jump out of the water and splash back in. waiting for the water to clear when saw a small flat piece of metal with a small pipe sticking upwards at one corner that you pulled it out of the stream and lay it on the ground near a tree. looking at it more closely that it was a old rusty small pot with bones in it as it almost made you jump in fear.

Upon viewing the bones more when your stomach growls again, but from thirst, and at this point you’re almost willing to drink almost anything. The pot also smells like something is emanating from it. It doesn’t seem like anything is wrong with it, but you prefer the stream as you cautiously begin to walk towards it. You stopped for a moment as you stepped on a twig, creating a loud noise that you see a deer and a few rabbits run away while you stepped back for a bit as it made you jump again.

Starting to feel jumpy that you turned your head to see if there was any incoming danger, but you’re still in the clear as you thought for a moment while you continue to encroach towards the stream as you kneel down for a dip in with you hands for a drink. You lift up your hands a bit, taking in the huge sip of its contents. It tasted like a cross between ice and a well-done oats that you slid your free hand in the stream and cupped some of its contents while aside from the obvious taste as it looked like any other ordinary water you drink from.

Without any second thought, you immediately began drinking the contents in your hand after hand. It wasn't ordinary as it had a bland taste that it took a while to down it at first, but after a couple more handfuls as your taste buds began to get used to the flavor. You ended up taking sips from the stream over and over, and soon begin to take in more of the water, eventually using your tongue instead of your bare hands. But you don't seem to care. For some reason, nothing seems to matter to you but drinking from this stream. Your eyes droop slightly as a fog slowly starts to shroud your mind, enveloping your memories and bringing memories previously unknown to you out of the fog. Such memories brought peace to you.

What happens?
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