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RPG: Fantasy - Page 1 - RPG: Fantasy - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to RPG: Fantasy! This Interactive Story is an idea I want to do very much. While it is still an interactive, it will go by RPG styles as well. This means health, mana, stamina, inventory space, and other things. Think of it like an open world RPG, like CoC or otherwise, or more like RPG gamebooks, such as the amazing CYOA book series Joe Dever's Lone Wolf.

It will be a while before the story is fully done and is very expansive, but the rules for the story are as follows.

No incest. I will not appreciate that.
You can do vore or really anything you want, but you don't always have to do vore. I would recommend doing something other than vore, and if you do and want to have a vore version make one that is basically the same except with vore.
No hugely inappropriate content. So no silly farts. Try to be reasonable, as much as you can in a fantasy setting.
I did mention CoC, but it DOESN'T have to be much like it! Don't make it all sexual at every corner. Mass Effect is basically nicknamed Alien Sex Simulator, but it doesn't go too crazy into that.
Also, try to keep poop endings out of this. Only when ABSOLUTELY REASONABLE. So no poop tf or anything. Only your normal poop, so no voring anyone and then turning them into a turd.
This is a site about vore, so this is 18+. But try to keep swearing to a low. I don't think medieval times had much swearing despite the brutality of the Dark Ages, and even many fantasy worlds lack swearing. Even Skyrim. I know there exists a thing called age ratings, but still, doesn't mean Dragon Age can go shouting swear words everywhere. Well, besides Inquisition.
Make sure you use proper grammar. And don't fool around. Be reasonable. (I'm saying that a lot, aren't I?)
I think it stands to reason that you should be respectful, and reasonable. Don't be an ass. Figurative ass, not literal. Not making a butt joke.
No Fourth Wall breaks. Please.

With the rules out of the way, let us go to the story!

You open your eyes as you come to the waking world. You sit up, somewhat sore from… whatever happened to you. You look around, finding yourself at the edge of a forest, lying in a long stretch of grassy plains.

You have no idea what happened to you. You're lost somewhere completely unknown, and you have nothing but some ragged clothes on.

/Customise your character./

[These choices will determine your stats and all that. Whatever you choose must be understood and remembered, not to mention followed as if your life depended on it. If you earn a "Game Over", there will be two choices. The first takes you to the start of your story. The second sends you back here. If you want to restart all over again, use the second option. It will be called "Start New Game".]
[General rules. Male characters are, on average, typically physically stronger. Female characters are, on average, typically more agile. Males have more starting health, and can wear medium armour by default regardless of stats. Females have more agility, and must learn how to use medium armour, but can only wear heavy armour if they are absolutely dedicated to using it. Both genders can set up their character to do any job/class/specialisation, but effectiveness depends on stats and sometimes gender.]

What gender are you?
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