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RPG: Fantasy - Page 74 - Something stops you - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You feel something jump onto your back, with more than enough force to knock you down hard. -1 NHp. You try to push yourself up, but whatever the creature was, it was heavy.

"It seems this is my lucky day." The unknown creature spoke.

You turned your head and looked in your peripheral vision to see some kind of dinosaur, kind of like a raptor, with pink scales and green feathers. It moved its head to lower it to your field of vision, taking up your sight with a large yellow eye. "Awwww, what a cute little morsel. I could just have you all for myself!" The raptor thing cooed. It closed its eye, and when it opened, swirling rings of many colours flowed outward. You couldn't seem to look away or close your eyes. You are being hypnotised!

Current Stats;
Hp: 10.
Nonlethal Hp: 9.
Mp: ???.
Str: 10.
Dex: 12.
Con: 12.
Int: 10.
Wis: 10.
Cha: 10.
Sp: 15.
Status Ailments: Hypnosis (50%).
Current Weapon: none.
Direction: Northeast.
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